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Born just a week before God, the young DrGlyn was destined for success. 

At 10 years old he started to learn first piano then Organ initially in the MOR style after his father surprised the family with the purchase of the instrument. Unbeknown to Glyn at that stage, his father had been an accomplished Big Band drummer and pianist in his youth. 

Glyn was initially self taught and asked his father every week, “Am I as good as you yet?” Each week being told, “Not yet Son”. The family went to a new style Ecumenical church that was a modern mix of Judaism, Anglican, Methodist, quite an achievement for the early 70’s. 

Glyn’s father was the organist and choirmaster, whilst Glyn was the lead soprano. Early in 1973 his Father had a heart attack and Glyn stepped up to the plate to take his Fathers roles. Initially sided for a career in the Royal Navy, having passed all the exams for Officer Training College, he sadly failed the medical due to a recent operation. Turning to his love of music, he got a position as a product demonstrator in a large music store, later becoming a product demonstrator for many manufacturers of Organs and Synthesizers. 

DrG and the Surgeons performed on stage as a backing band between 1975-1994, at various venues around the world as headliner and as stand-ins. DrG and his band worked as a session musician at a great many studios around throughout the UK 1976-1998 

DrG and the Surgeons was resident in various holiday clubs, hotels and studios as the “Backing Band”, Their unique capability to be 1st class at sight reading and improvisation became their hallmark. They “filled in” for various artists including the legendary Shirley Bassey. 

Four 14 years DrG has hosted Jazz & Coffee on his radio station The Moth FM. Owner of four radio stations with one in Lake Havasau Arizona, his primary station is The Moth FM that features smooth jazz. Owner of the Polyphemus Record label, the label is home to some of the best independent jazz recording artists worldwide. SORC Radio is licensed through DrG and The Moth FM. 

Be sure to tune in to find out more about this virtuoso performer, keyboardist, songwriter, radio personality, record label owner, artist manager, producer, and are you ready for this, the world’s only GeoMusician! While you are trying to wrap your brain around this one, come Rock with the Doc!