Taking Your Health & Fitness to the Next Level: Featuring celebrity sports trainer Herb Lynch. On this weekly half hour show, Herb will be your personal trainer. Herb has trained three Olympic Track and Field Gold Medal Winners, NFL Players, Heisman Trophy College Football Players. He is a member of USA/AAU Coaches Association and College Coaches of America. Herb specializes in sports conditioning, general fitness and conditioning and strength training. He is a former professional football player (WFL, CFL), current record holder 100/200 meter dash Senior Olympics and Eastern Division Sprint Coach Towson University. He is personal trainer to Lamont Brightful, Baltimore Ravens Bernard Williams, US Olympic Gold Medalist James Carter. Herb is here to assist you to get the most from your daily lifestyle and training regimen. The show will focus on motivating listeners to up their health and fitness game without spending a lot of time and money.