LET’S FACE IT, having your own business whether it’s bricks & mortar, Internet or both, hasn’t gotten any easier. Two years of the Pandemic increasing flight to remote work from home leaving the streets empty that small Black/Minority businesses depend on to thrive, rising inflation, breaks in the supply chain and the war in the Ukraine have driven up the cost of gas, housing and food stressing consumers wallets, decreasing your traffic. There is more.

AMAZON HAS UNFAIRLY ADDED ON NEW MERCHANT CHARGES taking away more merchant profit on each sale even after Amazon reported record profits! They don’t want Black/Minority small businesses!

But shoppers still have to find you! So what can you do?

EXPOSURE, getting your business in front of many new customers is your challenge. Social media helps but you need to break through all the the competition on FaceBook, Instagram, LinkedIn and TikTok so you can be heard. But how?

RADIO is by far the best media to get you new customers but radio ads can be costly ranging from $100 to $200 for a 20-30 second spot.

INTERNET RADIO IS KING OF ALL MEDIA: Keep in mind that the Internet has absorbed the radio, and there’s no way back! Even AM and FM radio are so interconnected and dependent on the Internet that it is hard to imagine radio broadcasting completely off-line. That’s why the radio universe revolves around one magic word: Engagement! And the more engagement you get, the better.

SORC® IS YOUR FAST LANE TO SUCCESS. Having your business featured on Shop Black Enterprise Showcase™ presented by our seasoned hosts on SORC® Radio Network allows you to extend your brand’s footprint locally, regionally, nationally or, if desired, globally–that’s engagement.

SORC® Radio’s unparalleled reach is a result of our partnership with award winning MFM Digital Broadcasting in the UK. By becoming a licensed radio station associate under award wining MFM’s umbrella, SORC® puts your business in local/worldwide markets with all the privileges and comprehensive facilities of the “Big Boys.” Your business needs customers and we will put you in front of more customers then you thought possible.

Shop Black Enterprise Showcase Each Showcase™ is streamed live and recorded as a podcast and rebroadcast by our distribution partners: iTunes, Deezer, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Alexa, Amazon Podcasts, Google Play, Siri, iHeart, SONOS, RadioLine, Soundcloud and NOBEX. As both a terrestrial and Internet broadcast station with 9000 affiliate stations globally your brand can reach thousands locally multiplied many times regionally and nationally or if you like to over 35 million listener/viewers. This is many times the targeted audience of traditional radio for much less cost.

The SORC® Radio Network has your back. We are changing the game and offering you to have your business showcased for a full 10 minutes on the Shop Black Enterprise Showcase™ broadcast on the SORC® Radio Network LLC during prime time radio 7:00 PM for only $40

IT COULDN’T BE EASIER: We will assign a time for your appearance and yo can send us any visuals to upload and display when you signal us during your show. All of this through a high powered platform similar to ZOOM called StreamYard. We will send you a link and specific time for your appearance. We will provide you with a form to describe your business and products/services so we can manage your appearance smoothly with our talented Showcase hosts.  

We have a limited number of spots so be sure to register and reserve yours.