Unlike other station’s memberships who hide the best content behind a pay wall and call it “premium” content so you can’t get the very best, at SORC®(sounds like source) Radio Network, you always are our “premium” listener and always have access to all of our premium content–FREE.

We exist because of you, our valued listener. You will hear every song, attend every broadcast concert and festival, hear news and stories of how we can support Black and Minority businesses, the communities we serve and build a strong future for our nation’s biggest asset–our children.

We need your call in and listening/watching participation to get the message out across the Americas–Black and Minority small businesses are in crisis and need your support! We need you to become a member and support the SORC® Radio Network, in turn, you are supporting Black Businesses Matter.

I Want to Join the SORC®Listener Community

We are a not for profit radio station depending on public and private voluntary support. By becoming a member–free of charge–you contribute to our biggest asset–listeners like you. Any voluntary contribution you choose to make is always appreciated.

The SORC®Radio Network is different, many of our shows are simultaneously broadcast live with streaming video over the radio airwaves and if you miss a show you can see/hear the podcast anytime 24/7 on our YouTube page. This also includes automatic rebroadcasting of our Podcasts via RSS Feeds to iTunes, Deezer, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Alexa, Google Play, Google Podcasts, Siri, iHeart, SONOS, RadioLine, Soundcloud and NOBEX, plus any future distributions. The SORC® brings your favorite shows to you anywhere and everywhere.

Some Of Our Award Winning Original Programming

  • Shop Black Enterprise Showcase–Unique to the internet shopping market, Shop Black Enterprise® Showcase is the only Black/Minority small business shopping showcase on radio broadcast live over the air waves simultaneously using streaming and recorded video every day seven days a week. Each 2 hour broadcast 7 days a week will feature 6-8 Shop Back Enterprise Merchant Members describing their business and exhibiting their featured products and services.  
  • Take Your Health & Fitness to the Next Level: Featuring celebrity sports trainer Herb Lynch. On this weekly half hour show, Herb will be your personal trainer. Herb has trained three Olympic Track and Field Gold Medal Winners, NFL Players, Heisman Trophy College Football Players. He is a member of USA/AAU Coaches Association and College Coaches of America. Herb specializes in sports conditioning, general fitness and conditioning and strength training. He is a former professional football player (WFL, CFL), current record holder 100/200 meter dash Senior Olympics and Eastern Division Sprint Coach Towson University. He is personal trainer to Lamont Brightful, Baltimore Ravens Bernard Williams, US Olympic Gold Medalist James Carter.
    Herb will host celebrity guests, answer listener questions, spin some tunes for your workout and have some contests and SORC Merchandise Give-aways. Herb is here to assist you to get the most from your daily lifestyle and training regimen. The show will focus on motivating listeners to up their health and fitness game without spending a lot of time and money.
  • Deuce Radio: Bringing you the very best in new music from around the world The Deuce Show is a one hour radio show presented by Matt Barker and features bands and artists promoted by Deuce. The show is currently being broadcast on over 70 radio stations worldwide.
  • Moth Blues Radio: is a 1 to 2 hour collection of some of the best Blues and Smooth Jazz tracks available on the airwaves today. Solid music without dialogue to help ease your troubled day
  • Business Planning for Black/Minority Small Businesses:  Business Planning for Black/Minority Small Businesses: hosted by Mel Albin Business Planning for Back/Minority Small Businesses is a weekly half hour show focusing on the necessity for professional small businesses planning. The case can be made for the importance of professional business planning now, more than ever, to: Minimize previously unknown business risks such as Covid-19; a divided nation over racial policy; closed/restricted immigration/border policies affecting the labor force, etc.
    Professional business planning is now in reach to position a small business to become sustainable and to grow with an all weather approach to the economy. Mel Albin, the host, will take questions and explain how a solid business plan leads to investor and bank financing; crowd funding; Small Business Association grants and loans; gaining minority certification to be eligible for government contracts; tax planning; preparing your small business for sale or partnership; and business succession planning.
  • BizKidz™ Showcase: Hosted weekly by Kamedra McNeil and a BizKidz entrepreneur, the SORC® is the only radio network that hosts kids entrepreneurs and their products/services with some of the most creative young Black/Minority entrepreneurs that will shock you by their extraordinary business savvy!
  • Midweek Merchant Motivation: If you are a small business and want fresh mid-week ideas tune in and call in to our MMM show hosted by a celebrity entrepreneur. Live monthly and recorded weekly, be sure to call in; contest prizes are awarded to callers!!! We want to support, inspire, empower you, your business and your business community.
  • SORC® Radio Music Festival Show: Or tune in to our exclusive SORC® Radio Music Festival Show. Each week we will feature a major festival from around the world with exclusive interviews and footage of your favorite artists.

We feature Podcasts from TedTalks, the best of Entrepreneurship, Pandemic News Stories that you likely won’t find elsewhere, sports and music 24/7– Jazz and Jazz ConFusion–R&B, Gospel, Country, Rock, Hip Hop and Funk. Remember, we broadcast Jazz ConFusion 24/7 providing the best in Jazz crossover found anywhere.

Why is signing up as a member important?

  1. We build a community where we can share programming ideas, insights into business and our communities through our station website and our numerous social media sites and you can bring your family and friends to become members too. We will send you e-mails or texts (as you prefer) with new programming specials, events and important immediate news coverage.
  2. When you are a member you bring more clout to our non-profit station to attract program/station sponsors, advertisers, and new shows that we know you want to hear.

The SORC®Radio Network is part of MFM Digital Broadcasting based in Chester, UK. Under their licensing, we broadcast worldwide to a listening audience of 50-million listeners over 9,000 listed radio stations.